It’s a very common question from my clients that have homes outside my service area. The most important objective is to find a company that the Owner is directly involved with the cleaning process. you’re always going to find a huge drop in the quality of service and the care taken inside your home when the work is delegated to an employee. Employees come and go and the nature of a service that is performed inside your home like steam cleaning , is very labor intensive and great care must be taken to not only do the work in a thorough manner but also to insure no damage is incurred in its process.

The next thing to consider is that they’re employing a process that adheres to a quality industry standard. I’d strongly recommend finding someone who either uses a dual process which requires a machine powered pre-scrubbing ahead of the actual steam cleaning or the use of a mechanical rotating steam wand. Rotary, mechanical wands provide 15 times greater flushing and drying action than traditional wand cleaning.

Also try to find someone who uses several high velocity air movers to help dry the carpet as fast as possible. When carpets stay wet for several hours, they tend to resoil during the cleaning process.

The following video illustrates both the use of pre agitating carpet AND the effectiveness of rotary extractors.