The steps in our process

 Precautionary gear:

We always lay down protective neoprene runners and corner guards to insure we don’t cause any damage to flooring or walls when inside clients homes

Thorough pre vacuum

We only use the best commercial vacuums in the world so that we can easily edge and vacuum thoroughly under furnishings that cannot be moved like beds. Without removing fiber and particulate matter in the dry state, you typically make the job harder and soil removal MUCH less effective

Pre-treat spots and traffic lanes

We use the best independent spraying system and only use safe, non-toxic emulsifying agents to dissolve oily and starchy soils that cause dark spots and traffic lanes on textiles and hard surfaces. These solutions are specially designed to be mild so they are easily rinsed so they leave no residue after they’ve done their job

Spot Treatment

Some spots require special care. We carry a wide variety of solutions and tools for specific spots.

Wand edging/Steaming hard to reach areas

We use swivel wands that get under furnishings and edge all hard to reach corners so that our process is thorough from wall to wall

Rotary Extraction

On residential carpeting, we only use rotary extraction machines in the final rinse of open areas. Our rotary machines clean over 10x more thoroughly than traditional wands that other companies use. This might be our greatest advantage as it allows us to flush out unwanted matter and residue as well as pull more moisture than traditional wands, drying carpets much faster

Step 7: Speed Dry


We use high velocity air movers, so the carpet can dry as quickly as possible.

Step 8: Post-grooming


We brush the pile after cleaning, so that it dries and cures in the proper direction.

Step 9: Post-inspection

A thorough walk-through is done to ensure a proper cleaning job.

Step 10: Traffic Lane Paper

We put paper down in walkways, so you can move around without soiling your carpet while it dries (my customers love this!)

Our Philosophy

Most importantly, I clean each and every job myself, because I feel that every job is a self portrait and I autograph my work with excellence every time I go into somebody’s home. That’s why I will not leave a house until I’m proud of the work I’ve done.

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